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[Input System] Mouse click/key press event is not captured when a project is opened using "Open project" option



In a particular scenario, input events are not captured. Opening a project with input events from inside unity using Open project menu, does not capture mouse events.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open any project with mouse click events or key press events in it
2. Play it and stop
3. Now go to File>Open Project and choose the attached project (another project with key press or mouse clicks)
4. Click on "Play"
5. Click on the screen using left mouse or use the WASD keys to move

Note that the event is not captured.

Now close Unity and reopen with this project and click play and now the event would be captured and the debug log "Clicked!!" would be displayed in the console.

Quite likely related to 705555 since the issue only appears after that error dialog has popped up. Observed independently by Harini and Rune.

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