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Input System cannot read Vector2 values after InputActionSet has been disabled and enabled twice

Package: Input System


Reproduction steps:
1. Open attached project "" and scene "SampleScene"
2. Enter Play Mode
3. While holding the 'D' key, press the 'escape' key four times.
4. Observe 'MoveDisplay' GameObject's Text

Expected result: The value returns to "(1.0, 0.0)"
Actual result: The value remains as "(0.0, 0.0)"

Reproducible with: 2019.4.10f1, 2020.1.5f1, 2020.2.0b2 (Input System 1.1.0-preview.1)
Could not test with: 2018.4.27f1 (console errors break project)

Comments (1)

  1. FireHawkX

    Oct 13, 2021 19:23

    I made the switch to the New Input system last month... took a while to redo all the inputs and interaction of my project... last week everything was finally working fine!

    However, After finding out I needed the preview-3 build (or vers 1.1.1) to get access to the save and load functions (LoadBindingOverridesFromJson), I had to update to 1.1.1

    Yet, now i am faced with my Vector2 WASD returning 0.0 ALL the time... I have tried pretty much everything I could think of but its no longer working no matter what i try...

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