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Input Package deserializing JSON multiple times when entering/exiting playmode

Package: Input System


Using Unity 2022.1.0a7

1. Import this project:
2. Run the "EnterExitPlayMode Test" and profile (ideally using Superluminal)
3. Notice that UnityEngine.InputSystem.InputManager.AddAvailableDevicesThatAreNowRecognized shows up
4. After digging into it, it appears the same JSON is being parsed twice, looking at HID.cs

One idea:
It looks like one optimization could be to hash that utf8 string in HID.cs and store the hash, such that if it doesn't change the previous descriptorJSON result could be used, maybe, instead of re-parsing the JSON?

This should help reduce the time it takes to enter playmode when the Input package is installed in a package.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 1.2.0):

    Fixed in: 1.2.0

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