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Incorrect mesh rotation transforms when importing FBX files from 3ds Max to Unity

Asset - Importers


Steps to reproduce
1. Download the attached project (3dsMaxImportBug)
2. Open TestScene01
3. Notice how the meshes both in the viewport and project panel have incorrect rotation transforms
4. Navigate to Assets > Meshes and open FabricRoundCombined.FBX in a 3D modeling package
5. Notice that the mesh is now properly rotated

Expected behavior
When exporting FBX files from 3ds Max to Unity, meshes should have correct rotation transforms both in the project view thumbnail and when imported into the scene.

Actual behavior
Meshes instead display inconsistent behavior and are often flipped.

This issue has been observed in Unity 5.6.5p1, 2017.3.1p2, and 2018.1.0b6


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