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Inconsistent animation curve when changing the rolloffMode from Custom to Logarithmic



This could be reproduced on version 4.0.0b10 (0a7760ba81f3). When changing the rolloffMode from Custom to Logarithmic on the animation curve, the final node jumps up to 0,2.

To reproduce:
- Open the attached project
- Load the scene "AudioTest"
- Select the Main Camera in Hierarchy View
- In Inspector > Observe that the Volume Rolloff is set to "Custom Rolloff" and that the final node is at 0.
- Observe also that the min. distance is set to 1 and the max. distance is set to 5.
- Now change to the Logarithmic Rolloff mode and observe that the first and final node changes positions.

Expected result: As a user I would expect the nodes to stay at the same positions/values whether user is using the Custom or Logarithmic Rolloff modes.

Please see attached screen shots for further details.

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