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Importing a package in Force Text Asset Serialization Mode that was exported in Mixed Mode results bad string variables



How to reproduce:
1. Create a new project
2. Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Editor and set the Asset Serialization Mode to Force Text.
3. Import the Package.unitypackage from the attached project "".
4. Open the scene "Example".
5. Select MainCamera and notice how string variables become gibberish. The script attached to it was exported in mixed asset serialization mode and was "Hello World!"

Expected result: The strings variables should not become gibberish
Actual result: The string variables become gibberish

The bug does not occur with 5.6 or more recent

Reproducible with: 5.2.4f1, 5.3.5f1, 5.4.0b22, 5.4.5p2, 5.5.3p3

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  1. Ceb2d4022776d61d58351199a7a27ee7?d=mm


    Mar 03, 2017 14:47

    Can be reproduced in Unity 5.5.2

  2. D99251db91af8ecd2d3f6dd2184c1a17?d=mm


    Jul 27, 2016 15:13

    This could be considered as a Regression bug. The problem does not happen in the 4.x versions of Unity, for example, version 4.7.2f1 works correctly. However, the bug can be reproduced in all the 5.x versions of Unity since 5.0.0

  3. 8497389ce4b692188b81a1aa5258dffc?d=mm


    Jul 14, 2016 21:32

    Same problem for me.
    Steps to reproduce:

    1) Create new project.
    2) Create script:
    using UnityEngine;
    public class Test : MonoBehaviour
    public string Text;
    3) Crate cube at scene;
    4) Attach script as behavior;
    5) Type 'something' to Text field;
    6) Save scene, save project;
    7) Export scene to *.unitypackage
    8) Close unity.
    9) Create new project;
    10) Go to Edit->ProjectSettings->Editor, and set Version control Mode: Visible meta files, Asset serialization mode: ForceText
    11) Import package from step 7;

    Result: Text 'something' turns to '536f6d6554657874313233'
    Expected: Want to see 'something' in Text field.

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