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[HDRP][Vulkan] "Lag" when using Vulkan API in build, even with good framerate



When running a player build with the Vulkan API, the rendering is lagging compared to DX11 or DX12, even if it has a similar framerate.

Steps to reproduce:
- Download and unzip this player build :
- Run the build from command line with "--force-vulkan" option
- Move around
- Switch to full screen (alt+enter)
- Move around

Result: "Lag" in both modes, more noticeable when in fullscreen even if it is still rendering at 1080p.

Expect: No lag, never.

Reproduces on : Unity 2021.2.0a14 HDRP 12 : This is the version used to build this player, but the issue is here since ages.

- You can compare with the other supported APIs on windows with "--force-d3d11" and "--force-d3d12".
- You can make this build yourself following these steps :
- Create a new project from HD template
- Import "Graphy" from asset store :
- Add the [Graphy] prefab from \Assets\Graphy - Ultimate Stats Monitor\Prefab to the template scene
- Add Vulkan and DX12 to the Windows API list in Project Settings / Player
- Set Fullscreen Mode to Windowed and Resolution to 1920x1080 in Project Settings / Player
- Set VSync Count to "Don't Sync" in Project Settings / Quality (depend on the default quality level)

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