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master 2021 04 08

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[HDRP] Hair shaider specular lighting is different when comparing Area vs Spot light

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


Demo team raised an issue that rendering of Hair shaders is different when lit by Area vs Spot light. Most notably the difference in specular highlights.
In the repro project a setup is provided, where spot and area lights are in the same position. The area light is made to be very small to roughly match the spot. However the specular lighting for the Area light is significantly less noticeable. Is this expected?

1) Change manifest to point to your local git
2) Resize the game window so the hair objects fits the view. Or just set 16:10 aspect ratio
3) Enter playmode
4) Press 1 to toggle between Spot/Area

Expected: Specular lighting is similar for Area and Spot
Actual: There is barely any specular lighting seen from this angle for Area lights

Repro project:

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