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[HDRP] Baking reflection probes does not update reflections after enabling/disabling gameobjects

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


1) Open HDRP template
2) Make full reflective material and add it to the floor
3) Bake reflection probe (wall visible in the reflection)
4) Disable the wall object
5) Bake reflection probe (wall invisible in the reflection)
6) Enable the object you disabled in step 4
7) Bake reflection probe (wall should be visible again but its not)

After last bake the wall reflection is incorrect. Showing that the wall object is still disabled.
Workaround: if you disable the reflection probe and enable it again. After you click bake, it starts working again.

Tested with 2019.3.0a4 and HDRP 6.5.2;
also with 2019.2.0b1 and HDRP 6.7.1

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