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[GraphView] Nodes are displayed white on Linux

Graph Tools Foundation


Steps to reproduce:
- Be on linux
- Open a project with LWRP or create a new project with LWRP template
- Create a new shadergraph asset
- Open it

Expected: Proper nodes display.

Result: Nodes are displayed white

Bisected regression source: 2019.3.0a2
Reproductible with : Unity 2019.3.0a4, 2019.3.0a5, 2019.3.0a6
Not Reproductible with: Unity 2019.2.0b6

The issue also appears on VFX-Graph. You can test it by importing VFX-Graph in the project, creating a new VFX Asset, and opening it.

a) Run the editor with Vulkan instead of OpenGL (-force-vulkan)
b) Dock/undock the window

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  1. 191e3e265c1586c3c0067d6439c96d48?d=mm


    Jun 27, 2019 12:15

    I had the same issue on Ubuntu19.04 and on Archlinux, with respectively Unity2019.3.0a6 and Unity2019.3.0a7.
    I accidentally managed to fix it (on Arch, Unity2019.3.0a7).
    I didn't try it on Ubuntu and other Unity versions.
    Not tested with VFX-Graph

    - Open the .shadergraph file with a text editor
    - Mess around with line endings (LR, CRLF)
    - Reopen the ShaderGraph window
    - The nodes look alright

    Hope it helps

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