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Fixed in 2022.2.21f1, 2023.1.0b18, 2023.2.0a16



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GameObject texture flickers when applying Shader Graph Reflection Probe Node



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached “Test Project” project
2. In the Project window create a new “Shared Graph/URP/Lit Shader Graph”
3. Open the Shader Editor by double-clicking the newly created Shader Graph Asset
4. Create node “Reflection Probe”
5. Connect it’s output to the “Fragment” node’s “Color”
6. Apply “Sphere” GO the newly created “Shader Graph”
7. Observe “Sphere” GO

Expected result: “Sphere” GO displays the color without any issues
Actual result: “Sphere” GO’s color (surface) flickers

Reproducible with: 4.0.3 (2022.2.0b16), 14.0.4 (2022.2.2f1), 15.0.3 (2023.1.0a25)
Not reproducible with: 10.10.1 (2020.3.44f1), 12.1.8 (2021.3.16f1), 13.1.9 (2022.1.24f1), 4.0.3 (2022.2.0b15)

Reproducible on: Windows 10

Comments (2)

  1. Rohit1121

    Jan 13, 2023 06:47

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  2. DEEnvironment

    Jan 12, 2023 23:25

    for info related see

    the flicker was found after Unity added clustered reflection probe support.

    similar flicker issues are also found in baked GI "#if defined LIGHTMAP_ON" when _EnvironmentReflections is enabled.

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