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[Android] OpenGL rendering freezes with more than one camera on certain devices



Reproduction steps:
1) Download and open user's attached project
2) Build and run "Game.unity" scene on Android device

Screen freezes while ViewModel layer objects are set to be rendered. Script is toggling ViewModel layer's objects visibility, freeze duration depends on toggling period.

Note: Disabling or deleting "ViewCam" game object, fixes this issue.
Disabling shadows casting or shadows receiving for ViewModel layer's objects fixes issue.
Adding any object with Standard shader that is always set to be rendered to ViewModel layer fixes issue.

Reproduced with:
5.3.0f4, 5.4.3p2, 5.5.0p1, 5.6.0a6

Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 6.0
Meizu MX5, Android 6.0
HTC 10, Android 6.0
Google Pixel, Android 7.1
LG Nexus 5X, Android 7.1 (Adreno 418)

DUT(unable to reproduce):
LG G3, Android 5.0
LG G4, Android 6.0 (Adreno 418)
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, Android 5.1
Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0 (Adreno 330)

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