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[Entities Graphics] Size of the Content Update generated folder increases when changes are made to the Scene



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached ““ project
2. Press the Content Update selection from the menu Assets > Publish > Content Update and select “Build” folder
3. Right-click on the “Build-RemoteContent” folder at the root of the project and check its file size
4. Delete the“Build-RemoteContent” folder
5. Go back to the Editor, open the “Environment” Scene, add a Cube GameObject and save the changes
6. Repeat steps 2-4
7. Go back to the Editor and delete the Cube GameObject
8. Repeat steps 2-4 and compare the file sizes that were observed

Expected result: File size doesn’t change at all or it decreases after deleting the Cube GameObject
Actual result: File size increases when changes are made to the Scene

Reproducible with: 1.1.0-exp.1 (2022.3.15f1), 1.2.0-pre.4 (2022.3.15f1)

Reproduced on: Windows 11 Pro
Not reproduced on: No other environment tested

- File size doesn’t change if no changes are made to the Scene
- In 1.1.0-exp.1 file size only increases when GameObject is added to the Scene
- File size consistently increases with every attempt at reproduction so approximation is impossible

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