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ENABLE_INPUT_SYSTEM symbol is not being updated when the Input system is changed in Player settings

Package: Input System


1) Open SampleScene in the attached project
2) See the debug message in the console. If it's not there, enter playmode.
3) In Player settings, change Active Input Handling to the new input system

Expected result:
Console will log that the new system is used

Actual result:
Console will say that the Old system is still being used.

Additional notes:
This happens because Unity doesnt recompile after the setting is changed. To be sure of this you can add a space in Packages->Core RP Library->Editor Unity.RenderPipelines.Core.Editor and hit save. It will recompile and the debug will now correctly show what input system is used.

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  1. gringo2012

    Nov 14, 2020 22:24

    This exact issue still exists in 2020.1.12 and 2020.1.13
    What's even worse is that neither ENABLE_INPUT_SYSTEM or the ENABLE_LEGACY_INPUT_MANAGER directive work.

    They're both unrecognized as we've switched from the old input to the new one

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