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DrawDefaultInspector() doesn't work properly

Inspector Functionality


To reproduce:
1. Open a project
2. Open a scene with an object that has a sprite renderer
3. Click on the game object in the hierarchy view
4. Take a careful look at sprite renderer component in the Inspector
5. Delete "Editor" folder from the project view
6. Look at sprite renderer component again - now it looks different.

Editor folder includes only one script with DrawDefaultInspector()

Resolved as By Design since SpriteRenderer has a build-in custom Editor. DrawDefaultInspector shows the GUI the same as if there was no custom Editor. This looks different from the custom Editor GUI.

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  1. JeromeJ

    Mar 10, 2018 16:42

    DrawDefaultInspector DOESN'T show the custom editor. It shows the Debug mode one which doesn't contain the same info/utilities, some are missing (like the Order in layer)

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