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Double clicking a C# script will open MonoDevelop instead of Visual Studio



Repro steps:
1. Set Visual Studio as your external code editor in Preferences and double click on a C# script.
2. A popup box saying "Starting Visual Studio" shows up, but then it disappears and MonoDevelop opens instead.

Update 2014-06-12 please go for this URL or a discussion of the fix for this bug in 4.5.1p1 and beyond:

Update 2014-08-01 A few remaining fixes for these Visual Studio launching problems have landed and will be available in 4.5.3p1. These fixes include:

* Additional retries when a new Visual Studio session is busy while Unity attempts to open a solution file or script file.
* New logging of information about the Visual Studio detection and launching process to the editor log.

Comments (64)

  1. CubicGames

    Jan 11, 2014 23:20

    Same here with VS 2010 Ultimate, Win 7 x64 and Unity 4.3.2f1

  2. TobiasW

    Jan 08, 2014 01:03

    Same problem for me: Win7, VS 2013.

    It worked fine for me as long as I only had VS 2013 installed. Broke when I also installed VS 2010 afterwards.

  3. Archimagus

    Jan 05, 2014 19:41

    I have a clean install of windows. I installed Visual Studio 2013 first, then Unity3D.

    Any project I have, I create a C# script, then double click to open it. I get the "Opening in visual studio" dialog then it goes away and Monodevelop starts. If I have visual studio open to the project first then the script opens in Visual Studio.

    I tried renaming Monodevelop.exe to prevent it from opening and this seems to give a clue to what is happening. After the rename, now double clicking a script causes it to open in Visual Studio, but it just opens the script, not the solution file.

    I am fully willing to help debug this further if you have anything you would like me to try.


  4. ReVo_

    Jan 04, 2014 18:27

    Windows 7 - Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2010 installed.
    Opens VS 2010 and not VS 2013 (VS2013 is selected in the settngs)

  5. Omega_

    Dec 30, 2013 22:17

    This should be addressed.

  6. mikaelwallin

    Dec 10, 2013 15:01

    For me it opens VS2010 instead of VS2013 despite that I chose VS2013

  7. Azzara.

    Dec 08, 2013 18:35

    Unity incorrectly creates a solution file with "Format Version 11.00" when syncing with VS 2008. It has to be version 10.00.
    It also incorrectly creates project files with ToolsVersion="4.0". The correct version for VS 2008 is 3.5
    I've noticed that opening a C# script creates a new ghost process called devenv.exe before runing MonoDevelop.

  8. gridside

    Dec 02, 2013 11:18

    Same here.
    Win8 - VS 2012

  9. cadaver

    Nov 28, 2013 13:36

    Happens with Win7 + Unity 4.3.0f4 + VS 2008 Pro. VS 2010 Express also installed, but cannot be used as Unity says it cannot control it.

  10. tiiser

    Nov 28, 2013 13:04

    Win7, Unity 4.3.0, VS 2008

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