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[.NET 4.6][iOS] UdpClient EndReceive fails with ArgumentException: System.Net.SocketAddress is an invalid size



Steps to reproduce:
1. Download
2. Run the project
3. Build the "Main" scene to an iOS device
4. In iOS device, click the checkbox for client and then click start.
5. In editor, enter play mode and click start (with server selected)

Result: Exception The supplied System.Net.SocketAddress is an invalid size for the System.Net.IPEndPoint end point.
Parameter name: socketAddress
at System.Net.IPEndPoint.Equals (System.Object comparand) [0x00000] in <00000000000000000000000000000000>:0

Expected result: no ArgumentException errors are thrown.

Reproduced on: 2017.1.0p5, 2017.2.0b9, 2017.3.0a4

Comments (2)

  1. danl1240

    Jan 17, 2018 22:56

    Yeah patch notes show it "fixed" in 2017.1.2p3... and this page shows it reproduced on later versions. How does that work?

  2. junestone

    Oct 28, 2017 07:15

    same here, very seriously bug which forces our project back to .net3.5

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