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Standalone remembers last resolution setting without user action; bad interaction with Default Native Resolution



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open the attached project
2. Check the 'Player Settings', make sure these are set on 'Resolution and Presentation' tab:
'Default Is Fullscreen' - enabled
'Default Is Native Resolution' - enabled
'Display Resolution Dialog' - 'Hidden by default' or 'Disabled'
3. Build and run the application
4. Notice everything is as expected
5. Change your screen resolution to smaller (e.g. 800x600)
6. Run the built application again, notice it sets the resolution to 800x600 as well
7. Now switch back your screen resolution to native resolution
8. Run the built application again, notcie it still sets the resolution of the player to 800x600 even though the resolution has changed back to native

Note: After the bug occurs, even if you rebuild the application, it still shows at the changed resolution (in this case 800x600).

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