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[CGBatch] Writing to o.Occlusion in Custom shader has no effect



Steps to reproduce:
1. Download and open attached project ""
2. Open scene "OcclusionBug"
3. There are two object in the scene, notice that one them has lines on the black part of the model and the other does not. Expected result - both models identical.
4. Changing shader "Destructibles" line 46 does nothing

Reproducible in: 5.2.0p1, 5.2.1p4, 5.2.2p1, 5.3.0b4
Not reproducible in: 5.0.3f2, 5.1.4f1

Tested on Win10

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  1. 00df7bce18feede3c119888234de29f4?d=mm


    Jun 03, 2019 13:08

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  2. F15ed6d4e8d93dc8c38c22bb1ef108d9?d=mm


    Jan 06, 2016 15:41

    You made my day, thanks for this report.

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