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[TextureImport] Since 5.3 crashes in batch mode when importing certain textures, in ExtractMipLevel somewhere

Asset Import


Unity 5.3.0f2 or newer (does not repro with Unity 5.2.x)
Editor running in batchmode (does not repro in the Editor GUI)
ASTC Texture Compression (may not be related?)
A texture in the project with the following properties -- Size: Non-Power Of Two (NPOT), TextureType: "Editor GUI and Legacy" (textureType 2), TextureFormat: "Compressed" (textureFormat -1)

The project includes 2 textures, “crash.psd”, which meets all the above requirements, and “nocrash.psd”, which is the same texture except it has been resized to be a power of two texture. (16x17 vs 16x16).

Adjust the following editor/project paths as necessary and run the following from a command prompt:
"C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe" -batchmode -nographics -projectPath C:\ImportTest/ -logFile log.txt -executeMethod OculusBuildApp.SetAndroidTarget -quit

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