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Crash on various stack traces when allocating memory while opening a specific Scene



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached “repro_IN-77564“ project
2. Open the “Assets/Scenes/SceneMap2“ Scene
3. Observe a crash

Reproducible with: 2021.3.39f1, 2022.3.33f1
Not reproducible with: 6000.0.6f1

Reproducible on: Windows 10 (22H2)
Not reproducible on: No other environments tested


* If the crash doesn’t reproduce after opening the “SceneMap2“ Scene, try closing the Editor - it should reproduce then
* If the “Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!“ error appears, it won’t go away - delete the project and extract it again from the archive
* Couldn’t find the “Fixed in“ version, as the crash is inconsistent
* Not reproducible in the Player

First few frames of the stack trace:
0x00007FF6C6903CD9 (Unity) MemoryProfiler::GetAllocationRoot
0x00007FF6C6CBB0FC (Unity) MemoryProfiler::UnregisterAllocation
0x00007FF6C68F91E3 (Unity) MemoryManager::Deallocate
0x00007FF6C690221A (Unity) free_alloc_internal
0x00007FF6C62F3D81 (Unity) dynamic_array<void * __ptr64 [38],0>::~dynamic_array<void * __ptr64 [38],0>

0x00007FF6370CC1CC (Unity) BucketAllocator::Allocate
0x00007FF6370C298E (Unity) DualThreadAllocator<DynamicHeapAllocator>::Allocate
0x00007FF6370B44D1 (Unity) MemoryManager::Allocate
0x00007FF6370BEA1E (Unity) malloc_internal
0x00007FF63721513D (Unity) core::vector_detail::vector_data::resize_buffer

0x00007FF61DEA3892 (Unity) core::vector[Unity::MPE::ChannelClient::ClientDesc,0|Unity::MPE::ChannelClient::ClientDesc,0]::~vector[Unity::MPE::ChannelClient::ClientDesc,0|Unity::MPE::ChannelClient::ClientDesc,0]
0x00007FF61E6F1BE6 (Unity) dynamic_block_array<FileIdentifier,64>::~dynamic_block_array<FileIdentifier,64>
0x00007FF61E6F1F2F (Unity) SerializedFile::~SerializedFile
0x00007FF61E6F95A3 (Unity) SerializedFile::Release
0x00007FF61E6E2FDC (Unity) PersistentManager::UnloadNonGameReleaseStreams

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