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Crash on MultiWriterSingleReaderAtomicCircularBuffer::ReadNextPayload when batchmode build fails with "Segment fault: 11" error

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How to reproduce:
1. Download the attached project
2. Replace the "StaticData/Combat/MonstersTable_MonstersClientTable.json" with attached MonstersTable_MonstersClientTable.json
3. Replace the "Assets/Scripts/Bootstrap/CustomsEnforcement.cs" with attached CustomsEnforcement.cs
4. Add the "" to project directory
5. Change the UNITY_PATH variable according to your installation at
6. Execute "sh" via terminal

Actual result: Batchmode build crashes with "Segment fault: 11" error.

Reproducible with: 2018.4.13f1.

- The project contains compiler errors at later Unity versions, so I am not able to test if this crash happens.
- The batchmode build causes another crash at later Unity versions, even if the build script is not executed because of compiler errors. (Case 1201716)
- Failed assertions are thrown before the crash:
Assertion failed on expression: 'ACB_NextMultipleOfHeaderSize(H) == H'
Assertion failed on expression: 'ACB_NextMultipleOfHeaderSize(T) == T'

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