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Crash on GfxDeviceD3D11Base::DrawBuffersBatchMode when entering Play mode with Asynchronous Shader Compilation option enabled

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How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project named "Case_1253235"
2. Open the "Roll-a-ball" Scene located in the _Completed-Game folder
3. Add a Cube to the Scene and make sure it is visible for the camera
4. Add a "Convert To Entity" component to the cube
5. Enter Play mode
6. If a crash did not occur repeat Step 5 several times

Expected result: Editor loads the Play mode or throws an appropriate warning if something is not set-up correctly
Actual result: Editor crashes

Reproducible with: 2019.4.0f1, 2020.1.0b13, 2020.2.0a14
Couldn't test with: 2018.4.23f1(Couldn't downgrade the project), 2020.2.0a15(Project would break due to incompatible DOTS packages)

Workaround: Disabling the Asynchronous Shader Compilation resolves the crashing

1. Usually, the project crashes on the second Play mode entry
2. The project would no longer crash when the option was once disabled, even after resetting the compilation to Asynchronous. However, the project would start to crash again after the Library folder is cleared
3. Graphics APIs tested: D3D11, D3D12, Vulkan

  1. Resolution Note (2020.2.X):

    This case seems to be no longer reproducible with 2019.3.15f1+.
    If your project cannot be upgraded you might use this workaround: ProjectSettings > Editor > Disabling the Asynchronous Shader Compilation

    Please report a new bug if you are still experiencing related crashes with newer Unity versions.

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