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Compile errors with TvOs

Package: Input System


-error: when using trying to use the Input System while TvOS is the active platform you get compile errors regarding the XR namespace

--create new project
--add Input System package
--switch platform to TvOS
--NOTICE compile errors:

Library/PackageCache/com.unity.inputsystem@1.0.0/InputSystem/Plugins/XR/TrackedPoseDriver.cs(153,17): error CS1069: The type name 'XRDevice' could not be found in the namespace 'UnityEngine.XR'. This type has been forwarded to assembly 'UnityEngine.VRModule, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' Consider adding a reference to that assembly.

--disable the VR module via the package manager

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  1. Jerome064

    Nov 15, 2020 11:37

    Use the compiler to compile the error file and find which code is going wrong. The is compiling the issues and also providing the solution to their problems.

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