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Colliders are not updating to match attached gameObject location



Colliders are not updating to match attached gameObject location. After their object is stored and returned from a pool (reparenting, deactivating and re-activating the gameObject in the process) they become stuck at the location they were at when first activated. The collider gizmo does not reflect this.

To reproduce:

1. Download attached project "WoP" and open in Unity
2. Open "bug_example" scene and enter Play mode
Note: Enable gizmos in the game view for better visual cues to raycasting
3. Using a gamepad navigate the player character to the weapon on the ground and pick it up using the 'B' button (XBOX controller)
4. Use the 'X' button (XBOX controller) to fire the weapon at the enemy, killing them and causing them to return to the pool.

- The enemies spawn one at a time from a pool of 10 total.
- After the 10th enemy has been dispatched they will start recycling. At this point observe that both the aim assist feature and the collision of projectiles confirm the enemy's collider remains at their initial spawn point as they move about.
- By selecting the enemy in the hierarchy and disabling/enabling their sphere collider, observe that it moves to the latest position of the game object but does not update.
- Workaround: By adjusting any property of the sphere collider, observe that the collider now begins to follow the game object as would normally be expected
- This issue appears on Unity Editor and Standalone Build

Reproduced on Unity 2017.2.0f3 and 2017.2.0p1
Not reproduced on Unity 2018.1.0a2
Could not check for regression on Unity 2017.1 and 2017.3 because XBOX Controller does not work for some reason

Comments (39)

  1. 4f443ab9ddb4160922b40fecc0055149?d=mm


    Aug 22, 2018 14:33

    I'm having this issue after updating from 2017.x to 2018.2.4f1. It only happens for my objects interpolating with this method:

    I've been doing it this way since ~5.6 and have never had issues before. It only happens in editor playmode where collider isn't matching the transform movement immediately. If I move the transform, then refresh the editor in some other way (like clicking on inspector or clicking a tool in editor), the collider will then update to the new position. But it's not automatically updating anymore.

  2. 9fe32713f68e1c41cb5073048191333a?d=mm


    Aug 21, 2018 05:27

    I too had this bug fixed by updating to the latest Unity version

  3. 2130e7fcd6ab3c29ce91329ddb383b23?d=mm


    Aug 13, 2018 13:23

    Can also confirm it is fixed in 2018.2.3f1, just confirmed it in my repro project:

    "Physics - Fixed an issue where a Collider's underlying PhysX Transfrom did not update correctly when reparenting."

  4. 5e6460facbd5648f3f076fd69ca9c150?d=mm


    Aug 13, 2018 09:02

    it's fixed on the 2018.2.3f1 !

  5. Adda669a1477f2ebf8df805aa86392e1?d=mm


    Aug 09, 2018 18:13

    Also, I have got this issue on the Unity 2018.2.2f1. I updated from 2018.1.0f2 to 2018.2.2f1 and after running my project, game objects which ware Instantiated from prefab, them colliders didn't work correctly. Game Objects with the Rigidbody component could go right through these.
    IsKinematic = false
    IsTrigger = false

    But if I use this code in Game Objects which were ware Instantiating from prefab, Colliders were working.

    private void Start()
    Collider mCollider = GetComponent<Collider>();
    mCollider.enabled = false;
    mCollider.enabled = true;

    When I changed Unity version on 2018.1.0f2 from 2018.2.2f1, everything started working correctly as it worked before the update.

  6. C1d294764fc31cf2d8055ecd7cb4d90f?d=mm


    Aug 09, 2018 15:19

    on version 2018.2.2f1

  7. C1d294764fc31cf2d8055ecd7cb4d90f?d=mm


    Aug 09, 2018 15:18

    Had this issue aswell. As suggested in the commens, setting the parent before moving the object seems to work.

  8. B48f59299c49c9ed6ef6e20e437a1fde?d=mm


    Aug 07, 2018 18:51

    we are having issues with this as well. It mainly happens when we create primitives and then change their transform values. the colliders do not update correctly.

    This has been happening since 2017 and our solution was, to just deactivate the collider, wait one frame and then enable them again.

  9. 5b9274f484b99cf1c1bb49db6ea3cdd2?d=mm


    Aug 05, 2018 01:26

    I am having a similar issue in 2018.2.2f1. After instantiating a prefab and setting it's parent, if I set the transform.localPosition to Vector3(0, 0, 0) the object is placed in the correct position but the collider is at the world origin rather then the local origin. The collider gizmo draws in the correct place in the scene view though. If I nudge the object in the scene view the collider's position updates and it works as expected after that.

  10. 39000c4287a57944cdf27a7ccda121c1?d=mm


    Aug 02, 2018 14:43

    Just downloaded 2018.2.1f1 and this same issue happened to me. This happened to me also a couple of days before on a personal project i'm doing at home. I instantiate an object, set up its position and later set up its parent, somehow leaving the collision box way off from where it should be working (mind you, the box still appears in its correct position when I checked on the editor). Moving slightly the object made it work again correctly.

    MISTERFOOGY's workaround worked for me. Just set the parent BEFORE giving the object its position, which also made sense since unparented instantiated objects didn't suffer from this bug in my project.

    It's a quick work around but it's game ending if you don't luck out and find a thread in the issue tracker in time like I did.

    Thanks guys.

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