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Collab calls "Save to Snapshot" even with Collab disabled



CollabSnapshot "Save to file" logs even with Collab disabled.

Profiling the editor shows that the time is spent in “Unaccounted time
between PlayerCleanupCachedData and GPUProfiler.EndQueries”.

Steps To Reproduce:
prerequisites: have a project with Collab enabled.
1. Launch Unity from command line with the argument "-enableCollabEventLogs"
2. Open project with Collab enabled and press play or make a commit.
3. Turn Collaborate off.
4. Exit Unity.
5. Relaunch Unity from command line with the same "-enableCollabEventLogs" argument
6. Open project that previously had Collab enabled.
7. Enter Play mode and exit play mode a few times
8. Exit Unity and read editor.log.
Observe:It will have the logs: [CollabSnapshot::SaveToFile]

Expected Result: Collaborate should not log anything if disabled.
Actual Result: Collaborate call the [CollabSnapshot::SaveToFile] function.

Reproduced in 2017.1.0f3, 5.6.0f3

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