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Collab freezes for a few minutes on updates for projects with 5000+ assets



What happened:

For some projects, when downloading a small update (like an added folder or edited prefab/script), the Editor freezes for several minutes on 100% instead of finishing right away. After waiting 4-10 minutes, Collab finally finishes and starts to import changes. This issue repros on Windows 10 machines, not on OSX.

Does not repro with new, empty projects.

Repro Steps:

1. Download test project onto two locations, one of them a Windows 10 machine and the other either on the same machine or a different one running on any OS.
2. Open both projects, edit a prefab's transform on the non-Windows 10 instance, save changes and then Publish them.
3. On the Windows 10 project instance, Update to get the latest change.

Expected: Update finishes shortly after reaching 100% and Editor becomes usable.
Actual: Collab Toolbar freezes at either 0% or 100% of progress, Editor freezes for between 1-4 minutes before resuming normal operation.

Workaround: Oddly enough, using Collab History to Restore to an earlier commit and then going back to the latest version allows updates to finish as expected until the Editor restarts.

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    Resolution Note (fix version ):

    The reason we're closing this as Won't Fix is because of the following:
    - This bug has a workaround. (Open the Collab History window, then, after making a small change, press Restore to revert to the latest commit. The freeze will no longer happen until the Editor is restarted).
    - While we do have a consistent repro, fixing the bug could balloon into taking a month or two to finish, including resolving any other bugs that might come up because of the fix.
    - For the above reason, Collab is getting a UX redesign, with the team's full focus being on this work.

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