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Children with collider2d do not inherit rotation correctly from a parent with a rigidbody2d




Priority: 3Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 2Core functionality majorly impacted

To reproduce:
1. Create an empty gameobject and attach a rigidbody2d to it
2. Create another empty gameobject and attach a polygon collider2d to it
3. Make the collider gameobject a child of the first gameobject
4. Rotate the first gameobject and inspect the collider - z axis works fine, x axis flips the collider, y axis does nothing

Comments (4)

  1. D2ef75d618d649de0ae24c084c7a98f6?d=mm


    Feb 13, 2014 14:53

    I had this problem as well and fixed it (dirty fix) through setting the transforms manually:

    _CircleCollider.transform.parent = _Sword.transform; // Bug in Unity3D

  2. 6ad5c1fc2f190344b5f360b2ff60fe6e?d=mm


    Jan 20, 2014 15:07

    VectorConverter.ToVector2(transform.localRotation*VectorConverter.ToVector3(originalPoints[i])); equals to (Vector2)(transform.localRotation*VectorConverter.ToVector3(originalPoints[i]));

    i've used it to keep code clean

  3. B9e3fe2d052533082e241d5fb7b4fec1?d=mm


    Dec 20, 2013 14:42

    Hi, WIEDZMIN112. How do you included the VectorConverter. I gather it is part of .NET. I'm getting "The name 'VectorConverter' does not exist in the current context". I'm on a mac. Not sure if VectorConverter is a windows thing. Thanks for the temporary fix!

  4. 6ad5c1fc2f190344b5f360b2ff60fe6e?d=mm


    Dec 10, 2013 18:47

    I Hope that this will help you :)

    Feel free to use it. Enjoy :)

    (I also hope that Unity team will fix that bug soon)

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