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Changing monitor during runtime with UnitySelectMonitor no longer works



To reproduce:

1. Download project "Scrapper (28.09.17).zip" from attached link and open in Unity
2. Click FMOD > Edit Settings and set path to "Desktop" folder in project folder
3. Build & Run project
4. Run the build with more than one monitor connected to your PC
5. Press enter on the main menu and then select "Options"
6. Use the arrow keys to move down to the "Monitor" setting, and press left or right to change the monitor (Clicking the arrows in the boxes will work as well)
Note: You should see the resolution briefly change before reverting back to the previous setting, this is where the monitor should change,
but it only works if you select the "Apply" button and then restart the game

- To reproduce this issue you will need to have a PC with two or more monitor connected
- To change monitor user using private IEnumerator ChangeMonitor(int monitorIndex, bool useSaveFile)" function in "OptionsMenuScript.cs"

Reproduced on Unity 2017.1.1p4, 2017.2.0f2 and 2017.3.0b3
Could not check for regression on 5.6 because files becomes corrupted

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  1. shubhamswaraj2021

    Aug 18, 2020 17:00

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  2. Peter77

    Oct 23, 2017 05:38

  3. InvincibleCat

    Oct 23, 2017 05:28

    Won't fix??? So what is the solution then? Is there an alternative?

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