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Caret does not appear in the input field and cannot select the text



Steps to reproduce :

- create a new input field and press play
- click inside the field and notice the caret is missing
- type something, try to select it and notice it doesn't work

*Note :
Seems to work fine in 5.1.

Comments (15)

  1. 7fac3e8b7cb80686e1f49d969b36679a?d=mm


    Aug 11, 2017 04:35

    Why is this logged as fixed? It still occurs in Unity 5.6.1f1.

  2. A92d004b75f3dfbf98c2ef0fe8ef4231?d=mm


    Nov 26, 2015 16:53

    I am on 5.2.3 and I have this issue.

  3. 5f6ebe40db48266a9ef959b5611f8602?d=mm


    Nov 01, 2015 08:29

    But with 5.2.2f1 it seems to be ok again !!

  4. 5f6ebe40db48266a9ef959b5611f8602?d=mm


    Oct 31, 2015 17:26

    Above steps to repoduce are still not working in Version 5.2.1f1 !?

  5. F83bcc607030068940b7bd939d5c9e1e?d=mm


    Sep 24, 2015 11:22

    I have this effecting 3 of my input fields and any input field added to the same parent object yet I also have a number of input fields that work as expected.

    What of interest is I have tried
    - copying the working ones and using them in the parent object ... doesn't work
    - Creating new input field at design or run time doesn't work
    - The same input field dragged to a different UI parent ... works as expect

    I would simply work around this but the UI parent needs to be this fields parent
    I have noted that while the caret and highlight doesn't show up it does take input ... still not acceptable as I need it to conform to the same look, feel and functionality as the rest of the UI

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