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"Cannot restructure prefab" dialog opens wrong prefab

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When attempting to delete a child gameobject of a prefab within the scene view, the user is presented with an error dialog.

This dialog will not lead the user to open the correct prefab IF the gameobject the user is trying to delete is the child of a nested prefab, but applied as an override of the parent prefab.

To reproduce:
1) Open the attached project and navigate to the 'Test' Scene
2) Expand all gameobjects in the hierarchy
3) Select the "Wrong" GameObject in the hierarchy and press delete.
4) In the dialog that appears, click "Open Prefab"
5) Observe that prefab "C" was opened.
6) Repeat with the "Also Wrong" GameObject + Observe prefab "B" is opened
7) Finally, repeat with the "Right" GameObject. Observe prefab "A" is opened, where the "Wrong" and "Also Wrong" GameObjects are applied.

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