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Cannot logout from Mac if MonoDevelop is open



To reproduce:
1. Have a MonoDevelop window open
2. Try restart/logout/shut down your Mac
3. Click trough any confirmation dialogs
4. Notice a dialog that says "The application MonoDevelop-Unity cancelled restart"
5. MD has no open dialogs and is not waiting for any confirmations
6. Clicking "Try again" just repeats the confirmation dialog and results in MonoDevelop canceling restart/logout/shut down

Comments (12)

  1. Cf2fa35b125b9b95044fe28e98863ca0?d=mm


    Dec 04, 2013 00:07

    I wouldn't say it's a good thing Unity 4.3 and the new Monodevelop have been having quite a few issues.

    Most notably it seems like you have to Close Unity before you close Monodevelop or Unity freezes.

    So anything in relation to Unity & Monodevelop not closing should be investigated and fixed in my opinion.

  2. Dc846177d3a52e77d9dc49e27c4ff710?d=mm


    Nov 21, 2013 20:27

    This is a good thing ... if I have monodevelop minimized or half way through work my mac shuts down for ANY reason or what have you, I don't want to lose my work.

    This is the laziest idea of a "bug" ever :/ please keep this

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