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Cannot build for Android with AAR with dynamic references like "${applicationId}"



If you drop a new style .aar file (like the included "play-services-measurement-8.4.0.aar") which contains dynamic references like "${applicationId}" in their AndroidManifest.xml, and try to build to Android, you get an error message,

AndroidManifest.xml:19: Tag <provider> attribute authorities has invalid character '$'.

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  1. frankslater

    Jun 25, 2016 09:09

    I'm actually on Unity v5.3.5f1 right now.

  2. frankslater

    Jun 25, 2016 09:08

    It was not actually the Build-Tools. I'm not exactly sure what solved it for me because I rolled back everything to what I had on the other workstation once I had access to it:
    * GooglePlayGamesPlugin: 0.9.32 (needed to roll back, otherwise it requires play-services 9+, and it seemed 9.0.2/Rev.30/ was causing the build error)
    * GoogleMobileAds: v3.0.3
    * play-services SDK: 8.4.0 (Rev 29 in Android SDK Manager)
    * Google Repository: Rev 25 in Android SDK Manager
    * Android Support Repository: Rev 30 in Android SDK Manager

    I got it to build with Android SDK Build-tools 23.0.3.

    I believe one(or more) of the latest version SDK-s introduce this problem.
    Right now my project is very time sensitive, but when I'll have a little time, I'll work on to get a simple repo project and see which component(s) exactly introduce this.

  3. frankslater

    Jun 23, 2016 11:18

    Does anyone know a workaround for this? I had to move to a new workstation where newer version Android packages are installed. Now I got a min 23 "Android SDK Build-tools" requirement. These build-tools introduce the above mentioned problem, and I'm not exactly sure what is dependent on the build-tools version.

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