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Cannot activate license within a docker container



Following this bug report in our forums (, we have discovered that the reason that the license activation fails from within this docker instance is that our implementation of GetInternetReachability seems to fail within the docker container.

I didn't double-check the instance given by the customer ("matissehack/unity"), and can only assume that it represents the same thing that we would have if we had built it ourselves.

Basically, we call CoCreateInstance(CLSID_NetworkListManager, ...), and then call GetConnectivity on the returned instance. This latter call fails, which (eventually) prevents license activation.


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    Resolution Note (fix version 2020.1):

    Low priority defect and unlikely to be fixed for the near future.

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    Nov 12, 2019 12:02

    Seems like the check is just done the wrong way around, since INetworkListManager::GetConnectivity is obviously not an authoritative source of knowledge in practice. The right way would be to attempt to connect to the service first, and to perform a general Internet connectivity check on the network interface as an additional diagnostic if it fails.

    Running Unity in a Docker container is a common pattern for building CI, so this is going to present a major blocker to updating for many people. In our case, releases up to 2019.1 are working well, but with 2019.3 betas we've started to run into trouble.

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