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Fixed in 2022.2.X

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Building il2cpp fails with message about failed stevedore download

Build Pipeline


When building for Windows with IL2CPP a project may fail to build with a bad error message if Windows 10 SDK is not installed.

Building Library\Bee\artifacts\Stevedore\win10sdk_432e\.StevedoreVersion failed with output:
Downloading: (/A).
stevedore: 2021-12-07 11:59:58 - Failed to download (network error):
Le nom distant n'a pas pu etre resolu: ''
This server is for Unity employees only. Are you on the Unity network/VPN?
HttpRequestException: Une erreur s'est produite lors de l'envoi de la demande.
WebException: Le nom distant n'a pas pu etre resolu: ''
(Telemetry reference: /A)
UnityEditor.GenericMenu:CatchMenu (object,string[],int)

The expectation is that the user should instead get an error message describing why il2cpp can't build and where to download and install a Windows 10 SDK.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.2):

    Fixed in 2022.2.0a1

  2. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.1):

    Fixed in 2022.1.0b10

  3. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.2):

    Fixed in 2021.2.14f1

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