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[Build&Run] Build fails with unclear error message.

Build Pipeline


How to reproduce:
1. Download the attached project or import it from AssetStore -> Crashy Racing
2. Switch platform to Android/iOS or Mac standalone (that is what I tested)
3. Build and run Main scene
Result: Build fails with no clear reason just this error "Component could not be loaded when loading game object. Cleaning up!"

Note1: I get this error when I simply Build the project, but it doesn't fail.
Note2: Issue is not project specific as I get it also with [UseCases] 2D Endless Runner project from collab.
Note3: Issue is not reproducible with newly created empty project.

Note4: Build & Run *fails on all platforms* (!) and no build files are output at all when this error occurs. Just the 'build' option works okay.

Reproducible: 2019.3.0a4, 2019.3.0a6
Not reproducible: 2019.3.0a3

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