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Attributes set in the Initialize context of GPU Event systems return 0.

Package: Visual Effect Graph


Repro steps:
1. Import the attached VFX asset and add it to the scene
2. Open it and enable size or color in Initialize
3. Observe that the particle either disappears (size) or turns black (color)

Expected outcome:
Setting attributes to set the new values.

- Both inheriting and setting attributes in Initialize don't work
- Setting attributes in Update or Output works fine
- Inheriting Event attributes works fine

However, 2 new issues surfaced after that fix:
- All particles in capacity are rendered, even if they are not spawned yet. Without this fix, you would see a pink particle but also 39 smaller black ones at origin. Can be fixed with package only.
- If you enable and disable the VFX (maybe a few times, as it is not deterministic), you will stop seeing the particles. Needs both a new editor and package.

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