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Fixed in 2017.1.0f3

Fixed in 5.4.X, 5.5.X, 5.6.X



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Asset Bundles are non-deterministic due to shaders / m_BlobIndex



To reproduce:
1) Download the newly attached AssetBundleCRCTest_2.7z and open that project
2) Open LoadAssetCRCTest.unity scene
3) In top menu bar, click Assets -> Build Asset Bundles
4) Open Assets/StreamingAssets/marches.manifest in text editor
5) Run the scene
6) Copy the CRC and hash from manifest into the input fields and click the Load Asset Bundle button. Note in the debug console that the asset bundle loads successfully.
7) Close Unity and the manifest
8) Delete Library
9) Relaunch Unity
10) Do steps 2-6 again

Actual: CRC mismatch is found
Expected: Bundle should load normally

Reproducible in: 5.5.4p1
Reproduced ONLY on Mac 10.12.5
Not reproduced on Win 10 or Mac 10.12.4

Can't test later versions due to too many script errors in later versions

Comments (2)

  1. Dave-Hampson

    May 03, 2017 15:08

    This should be fixed in Unity 5.5.2p1(and higher), Unity 5.6 and Unity 2017.1

  2. MorningStar

    Apr 25, 2017 08:16

    Reopened in 5.5.2.f1

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