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Fixed in 2017.3.0f3

Fixed in 2017.1, 2017.2



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Assertion failed: Invalid mask passed to GetVertexDeclaration() when using post-effect

Graphics - General


Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Open the ExampleScene scene
3. Play the scene
4. Observe the errors

Actual results: The console is filled with the errors
Expected results: Errors should not be thrown

With 5.6 these errors are thrown:
GL.End requires material.SetPass before
With 2017.1, 2017.2 and 2017.3 these errors are thrown:
Assertion failed: Invalid mask passed to GetVertexDeclaration()
UnityEngine.Graphics:Blit(Texture, RenderTexture, Material)
OutlineGlowEffect:OnRenderImage(RenderTexture, RenderTexture) (at Assets/OutlineGlowEffect.cs:84)
Tested on DX9, DX11 and OpenGL

Reproduced with: 2017.1.0p1, 2017.2.0b4, 2017.3.0a1
Not reproduced with: 5.5.4p2,
Regresion is introduced in: 5.6.0a1

Fixed in: 2017.3.0a6
Bacported to: 2017.1.1p2, 2017.2.0b9

Comments (1)

  1. 313625709d6cd3d0f6cb3359b4fdf3c2?d=mm


    Oct 09, 2017 13:42

    Still happening in 2017.1.1p3

    0x100974bf0 <+0>: stp x24, x23, [sp, #-0x40]!
    0x100974bf4 <+4>: stp x22, x21, [sp, #0x10]
    0x100974bf8 <+8>: stp x20, x19, [sp, #0x20]
    0x100974bfc <+12>: stp x29, x30, [sp, #0x30]
    0x100974c00 <+16>: add x29, sp, #0x30 ; =0x30
    0x100974c04 <+20>: sub sp, sp, #0x20 ; =0x20
    0x100974c08 <+24>: mov x19, x3
    0x100974c0c <+28>: mov x20, x2
    0x100974c10 <+32>: mov x22, x1
    0x100974c14 <+36>: mov x21, x0
    0x100974c18 <+40>: ldr w23, [x21, #0x4]
    0x100974c1c <+44>: bl 0x100b040b4 ; ::GetGraphicsCaps() [inlined] operator GraphicsCaps * at GraphicsCaps.cpp:14
    -> 0x100974c20 <+48>: ldr w8, [x0, #0xd8]
    0x100974c24 <+52>: orr w8, w23, w8

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