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Assert appears while Unity recompiles script and scene is running

Editor - Other


1. Open attached project
2. Run "TextureTest" scene
3. Open "DownloadTextureTest.cs" and make some changes
4. Save the script and back to the Editor
m_RefCount != 0

Comments (13)

  1. closeapps

    Oct 28, 2016 09:10

    Same here 5.4.1p3

  2. Alexander-Fedoseev

    Oct 18, 2016 19:14

    Does Unity 5.4.1p4 solve the problem? Anybody tried?

  3. ttesla

    Oct 08, 2016 13:40

    Happening in 5.4.1p3 and very annoying!

  4. BizzTheGreat

    Oct 03, 2016 11:02

    I tried narrowing it down and for my case it is "only" fired when non-UI objects are rendered. (i.e. sprite renderers cause this error and UI.Images do not)

    Please fix this!

  5. BizzTheGreat

    Oct 03, 2016 10:42

    I'm seeing this error in everyframe after upgrading to 5.4.1p3


  6. Bloody-Swamp

    Oct 01, 2016 12:06

    Also in 5.4.1p3

  7. majakthecoder

    Oct 01, 2016 05:34

    Unity keeps logging it every frame which leads to significant fps drops;/

  8. beQr86

    Sep 29, 2016 09:28

    issue observed in Unity 5.4.1p3

  9. FaberVi

    Sep 29, 2016 00:49

    Same problem on 5.4.1p3. On p2 no problem.

  10. Robin_Hayes

    Jul 11, 2016 19:54

    I am seeing this same error on 5.3.5p7 when I switched from using www to UnityWebRequest.GetTexture(), seems to have no effect as far as the load completing.

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