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[ARM64] When using Executable Only, Player crashes on launch.

This crash ONLY happens when using Executable Only build, and it depends on the Build Configuration:
- Master: Always launches
- Debug: Always crashes
- Release: Depends on how the previous Player settings. If the previous one is in Debug, this one crashes as well; if the previous one is in Master, this one launches without issue.

The crash happens before the Script Debugging window can appear for debugger being attached.
However, there is not issue in building or installation, just launching.

1. Create a new or use an existing project
2. Set Build Settings to ARM64, ExecutableOnly
3. Build (Or Use Device Portal with Build and Run, depends on if the update is merged)
4. Run on ARM64 device

Actual: ARM64 crashes at launch when using Executable Only build.

Note: Attached error message is from Editor when using Device Portal for deployment.

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