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AOT stub generator ignores assemblies that reference Unity editor

Package: Visual Scripting


h3. Steps to reproduce:
# Open the attached project which has a script graph with a single cinemachine node.
# Build and run the project.
# Examine the Player.log

h3. Results:

There are errors running the game as the method was stripped from the build.

Failed to define GetMember#e5b4c...:
System.MissingMemberException: Member 'Cinemachine.Cinemachine3rdPersonAim.AimDistance' not found.{code}
h3. Expected Results:

We generate the AOT stub and no error occurs.

Here are some recommendations as suggested per Rohit:
# Generate AOT Stubs for all nodes used in all graphs, regardless of their editor / runtime status. This means that yes: Users might be able to put editor only nodes in their graphs that will break their builds, but if:
# (If this is possible) We add good error messaging for when a node causes a bad stub. This would let users remove nodes that cause errors from their graphs



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