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[Anim] Scene vs. Clip value of static property



Property values in the scene are not preserved when enabling/disabling rec mode, when property has no keys and is in "(Default Value)" state.

Values in the scene should not be affected/changed when enabling/disabling rec mode.

-create a cube
-create a clip
-animate Position (make sure all properties have non-default values)
-turn Rec mode OFF
-offset cube in the scene to create non-zero values
-turn Rec mode ON
-select all keys of Position.y property and delete them should see "Position.y (Default Value)" in blue and the value should be "0"
-turn Rec mode OFF, again.
result: the scene value for Position.y is now "0", which is wrong.
expected result: the scene value for Position.y should not be reset to "0" and existing scene value should have been preserved.

note: if property is not in (Default Value) mode, turning rec mode on/off works as expected and scene values are preserved.

this is not a regression, reproed in...

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