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[Android] VideoPlayer not playing video



How to reproduce:
1. Open user provided project
2. Build and run on device
3. Observe that instead of video only white quad is shown

Expected behaviour: Video plays on screen
Actual behaviour: Video does not play

Reproduced with: 5.6.0b3, 5.6.0b4
Video player not supported on android in earlier versions

Devices Under Test:
Reproduced with:
Samsung Galaxy S7 / Snapdragon 820 / Adreno 530
LG G5 / Snapdragon 820 / Adreno 530
Meizu MX5 / MediaTek helio X10 / PowerVR Rogue G6200

Not reproduced with:
iPhone 6 iOS 9.0.2
Windows Standalone player

Comments (10)

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    Aug 18, 2020 09:40!/!/!/;area=summary;u=95582;area=summary;u=349835;area=summary;u=1120!/;u=31553*!/;area=summary;u=4060;u=30513*;area=index;sa=settings;u=31558;d4ec488=4cb7fa5319cc4fee626ae7806b0779b5;u=31579;u=4053;area=summary;u=4059

  2. D40ed9727d7be0dbf1b368d8092082a3?d=mm


    Jul 13, 2020 17:19

    kedi ve köpek mamaları kedi kumu çeşitleri

  3. 1a8c8cf4e1868ab111473a4d276945f9?d=mm


    Sep 04, 2019 14:09

    Whatever I have tried it will work for 2 seconds then stop! and it is kinda laggy.

  4. 12620e53c24adf247ddf712fd31764dd?d=mm


    Oct 17, 2017 15:08

    Use an external AudioSource component
    and then in the videoplayer setting audio change Direct to Audio Source e bind to the external Audio Source component

    this works on Android, but the video is still very laggy :(

  5. C1778685037ff7695ef95e800065235a?d=mm


    Sep 07, 2017 07:14

    Yeah, the bug still exists in Unity 2017 on some old devices.

  6. 79e9a7ca021712ba8000559952ab5574?d=mm


    Aug 01, 2017 09:59

    Would like to report that bug still exists in Unity 2017

  7. 1c49288d112cd7e903a10e81a69c78db?d=mm


    Jun 12, 2017 11:43

    [edit] - posted by mistake

  8. A72cc66692fbd2c4b24d9f5b53833cb7?d=mm


    Mar 29, 2017 07:59

    It should be bug not only in 5.6.0b3 but also in unity5.6.0f candidate 2, I even tried overriding for android and changing the transcode to VP8 Still it's not workinh and I've tried it on Lollipop, marshmallow and Nogut It's not working.........

  9. C9e9aa94b5901a7800596dd02d6dbaec?d=mm


    Mar 01, 2017 18:39

    Which video format and codec are you using? After import in Unity, select the video file and enable override for android, and transcode it to VP8. Also you have to set Import audio to false.

  10. 2b83495e4822581bb7d02a06ea1d3e3d?d=mm


    Jan 26, 2017 18:54

    According to the documentation:

    Windows, OSX, iOS and WebGL are supported for now, with Android and Tizen appearing in the next phases of this release. Other platforms will be added in the future.


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