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[Android] TestRunner does not recognize a crash when running tests on Android devices

Unity Test Runner


Steps to reproduce:
- Install Unity Editor version 2019.1.0f2 with Android support
- Open the project contained in - attached below.
- Set up a Samsung Android device that can run GearVR, such as a Samsung S9
- Set up the osig file for your device:
- From the command line, run the command "adb uninstall com.UnityTestRunner.UnityTestRunner"
- Replace [PathToEditor] and [PathToFolderContainingProject] in the command below, then from the command line execute:
[PathToEditor]\Unity.exe -runTests -projectPath [PathToFolderContainingProject]\ParticleCrashTestRunnerRepro -testPlatform Android -testResults C:\Users\jackpr\ParticlesTest\TestResults.xml -logfile C:\Users\jackpr\ParticlesTest\UnityLog.txt

- The editor launches, it builds the test project, and deploys the test project to the device.
- The test fails, and the player crashes
- Unity Editor recognizes that the player crashed through a timeout or some other method. The test reports as failed.

After the player quits as a result of, the editor instance just sits there. It does not time out.

Note: the symptom that causes this behavior has been fixed, so it will not be reproducable through this method in later versions of the editor.

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