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[Android]Crash on certain Samsung devices when trying to clone a GameObject using UnityEngine.Object.Instantiate(template)



To reproduce (everything is explained fully on Readme.pdf with screenshots):
1) Open attached project (use the original project link in Jordi's edit) (NOTE: Use Mac. If apk was built with Win 10, it would immediately crash on startup)
2) In top menu select Sharkbite -> Builder
3) Make sure:
--Platform is Android
--Development Build is disabled (this was written in Readme, but it didn't do anything differently in game. Didn't reproduce on it yet)
--Log Levels is set to Error.
--Server Environment is set to Stability-two
--Debug menu is checked
4) Build and run on device with internet connection (Note: Ignore the error message at the end of building, the apk is installed correctly into device)
5) Go to Easy Street (if it's first launch, you need to enter your age before seeing it)
6) Enter Debug Menu
7) Select Slots > Predetermined Gaffs > raining_money_bonus award
8) Play through the minigame and go back to the slot machine
9) Repeat steps 6-7, notice crash

This is not a 100% reproducible. It is consistently reproducing first 1-5 times and then it stops reproducing completely. However, after uninstalling the app and then waiting for few hours, it starts reproducing again.

DUT: Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (Android 5.1.1) (Reproduced)
Google Nexus 5 (Android 6.0) (Not reproduced)
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android 5.1.1) (Not reproduced)

NOTES: All devices listed in user's readme have the same Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420 SoC

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