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[Android] An issue that the sound does not stop while rendering, when a Unity app in multi-window loses focus(RUN_IN_BACKGROUND disabled)



This issue occurs when there is a *Run in Background* option(after  {*}2023.2.0a12){*}.


Steps to reproduce:
# Create an Emply project and import [this asset|[]]
# Open the "SampleScene"
# Go to Edit > Project Settings > Player > Resolution and Presentation
# Uncheck *Run In Background* and check *Resizable Window*
# Go to File > Build Settings
# Click *Build and Run* button for Android Platform to install{*}{{*}}
# Open the Unity app.
# Press *Recent apps* button or Open the taskbar.
# And then select split screen ( put the app into multi-window mode)
# Choose an unrelated app(for example, Settings, Google Play, etc) to be secondary.
# Touch the Unity app
# Touch the unrelated app(Unity app loses focus)   

Expected result: The rendering is paused and the sound is paused

Actual result: The rendering is paused but the sound is running.

Reproducible with: 2023.3.0a
Reproducible with devices:
* VLNQA00593 - Google Pixel Fold

* VLNQA00524 - Galaxy S23+





  1. Resolution Note (fix version 6000.0.0b15):

    Android: In multi-window mode, when "Run in background" is true and "Mute Other Audio Sources" is false, Unity will run and sound will always play. When "Run in background" is true and "Mute Other Audio Sources" is true, Unity will always run, but you will only hear the Unity app's sound if its window has focus. Sound will be muted when the Unity window is not in focus.

    In multi-window mode, if "Run in background" is false, Unity will not run and sound will stop playing.

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