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OptimizedGUIBlock issue: A texture drawn from a custom PropertyDrawer is sometimes not drawn

Inspector Framework


To reproduce:
- Open scene "scene".
- Select the cube then click or scroll (possibly anything that triggers OnGUI) on the script "Test MB" in Inspector.

User's description:
A texture drawn from a custom PropertyDrawer is sometimes not drawn. It seems to happen most reliably when the inspector receives mouse input, but may also be time-based. It happens when using EditorGUI.DrawPreviewTexture, GUI.DrawTexture and Graphics.DrawTexture, but not when using the background texture of a GUIStyle with EditorGUI.LabelField

Comments (5)

  1. 6ffc1b526b2039060b386ac05a215709?d=mm


    Feb 06, 2016 15:18

    I have encountered this myself, why is the issue set to won't fix?

  2. F1f287055d4c271281828ef18b550638?d=mm


    Nov 17, 2015 18:16

    This can still be reproduced in 5.2 - why is the status won't fix?

  3. 4ff331252f29470ced7466bb5577f74b?d=mm


    Sep 19, 2014 21:13

    This was an issue that I raised (Case 568929). Here is a little workaround which I came up with today:

  4. 06af8b57a43bc60a01eb1ace2ba7a0ea?d=mm

    Simon Says

    May 25, 2014 03:32

    This only appears to be present when the Editor script that renders the PropertyDrawer is not overridden. If a custom Editor script is created (even if it's just an empty stub), the textures do not flicker anymore for that component.

  5. 06af8b57a43bc60a01eb1ace2ba7a0ea?d=mm

    Simon Says

    May 24, 2014 21:49

    Related to #568929. Still present in 4.3.4f1. The workaround with GUIStyle is difficult for Sprite images.

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