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2D physics interpolation isn't working reliably



-repro: In Unity 4.5, enabling interpolation of a 2D rigid body will cause incorrect behaviour (loss of velocity/pausing) if the object is rotating or has been rotated (e.g. via transform.Rotate)

--open attached project
--play scene
--NOTICE the right quad jumping around

Comments (2)

  1. EidanCorey

    Nov 11, 2014 20:25

    This bug is still can be reproduced in newer 4.5.x versions and in 4.6.0f1.
    When interpolation is enabled in rigidbody2d (or object have animation component, even if animation does not effect object's rotation) we cannot change rotation of an object via transform.
    For example, it is impossible to flip sprite horizontally with rotation on 180 degree on y-axis (instead of using scale -1). This is really annoying.

  2. Tekksin

    Sep 20, 2014 09:10

    This issue has not been fixed! I'm still experiencing issues with this interpolation problem!

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