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Regenerating the Library folder loses script references




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 2Core functionality majorly impacted

To reproduce:
1. Open users attached project ""
2. Open "InitScene.unity" scene
3. Enter Play mode
4. Observe as the Game window is black
5. Select "SceneContext" from the Hierarchy and observe as scripts cannot be loaded
6. Press Yousician > Builds > Yousician OSX
7. Open the built project
8. Observe just a green screen
9. Go back to Unity and enter Play mode again (it might take a while as Unity is recompiling scripts at this moment)
10. Observe as the Game window is now gree with Yousician logo
11. Repeat step 6
12. Open the built project and observe the green screen withYpusiciasn logo

Expected result: script reference is not lost when opening the project without library folder for the first time
Actual result: script references are lost when opening project without Library folder

Reproduced on:
2018.2.0a7 2018.2.9f1

Reproduced on:
MacOS 10.13.5
Getting 50+ errors when opening on Windows 10 machine.
When doing step 6 on 2018.3.0b2, Unity seems to be frozen.
On 2017.4.11f1 unable to do step 6 since the options are not there.
Getting lots of errors on 2018.1.9f2, 2019.1.0a1 - 2018.2.0a6 unable to build.

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